3. MAXIM ARABICA 100 – Killed by Global financial crisis

MAXIM ARABICA 100 instant coffee mix
MAXIM ARABICA 100 instant coffee mix

In the 2007

A year before the global financial crisis, GDP of Republic of Korea(South korea) reach 20,000 USD for the first time.

As we all remember, It was age of prosperity, Many people believe It will last forever.

So called “Well Being” was national wide agenda.

Everyone was looking for “Luxurious goods” , meanwhile STARBUCKS smash local market, takes market share very quickly.


MAXIM instant coffee was No.1 player for decades, but their selling was slowly but obviously loses its popularity,

They need a break through.


Before this product, and their advertise, Majority of local consumer did not know what is arabica and robusta.

And It seems Maxim execute Hugh advertisement though all Mass Media for a year


When ARABICA 100 was about to settle down firmly on market. The well – known crisis explode  

People buy Cheap coffee again,

In High price market, despite of crisis Starbucks create new ground coffee – espresso machine culure

In low – middle price market, Namyang L.T.D launch “French caffee” instant coffee mix for almost half price of MAXIM MOCHA GOLD.

Until 2010, Their stock prices could not recover from high peak of 2006


  • 100 % ARABICA
  • Contain milk extract
  • With sugar

It surely gives you “Good aroma” impression. Compare with other instant coffee.

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